Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chess Nx v6.0 - Full + Patch

Although you can easily find free chess sims if you look hard enough, this program has a few nice things going for it. One thing we like is that Chess Nx's AI seems to be quite strong--we found it tough to hold our own even against a medium-level opponent. Less-skilled or more seasoned players can choose from five difficulty levels. The game isn't graphically intense, but you can at least change the color of the board with a few skins. The sound effects are about what you'd expect and can be disabled if they meddle with your concentration. The 15-credit trial should be enough to decide whether Chess Nx is worth buying, particularly since you can play multiple games and not expend a use until you close the program. This game breaks no new ground, but midlevel chess players will find it delivers the goods.

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