Friday, December 23, 2011

Things - task management on the Mac - v 1.5.4 - Full - Uploaded on Mediafire

Things is a beautifully focused and amazingly intuitive task manager. Other todo applications either oversimplify or are too difficult to use. Things instead offers the perfect balance between ease of use and powerful features.

"Things is a true standout thanks to a great set of features and an interface that makes it a good fit for nearly any level of task management: It's simple enough to use for the most-basic to-do lists ... but it's powerful enough to handle a full blown GTD workflow... Things offers a unique combination of ease of use, a great interface, and flexibility that sets it apart from other to-do mangers I've used." – Dan Frakes, Macworld, ★★★★½

★ Winner of the Apple Design Award 2009
★ Winner of the Macworld Best of Show Award 2009
★ Winner of the Macworld Editor's Choice "Eddy" Award 2009

Effortlessly manage to-dos, notes, due dates, and projects with Things' easy-to-use features:
• Focus on what's important: Smart task lists let you conveniently track today's work, what's next, upcoming tasks, and your ideas for the future.
• Have it your way: Use Tags to assign contexts, priorities, time – whatever fits your personal workflow. Quickly find exactly those tasks that have the most benefit now.
• Keep organized: Projects and Areas of Responsibility let you master complex tasks and stay on top of your responsibilities in life and work.
• Out of your head – into Things: Enter new ideas the moment they hit you. Things' Quick Entry window lets you add new tasks without interrupting your work. And thanks to the amazing Autofill feature, the Quick Entry window can be automatically pre-filled with the currently selected text, along with a link to the email you are reading, the webpage you are currently viewing, or the document you are editing. (Works with most applications.)
• Your tasks on the go: You can sync your to-dos wirelessly with the iPhone and iPad versions of Things using Wi-Fi (sold separately).
• And much, much more: Create repeating tasks, add due dates, schedule tasks for a later date, sync with iCal, review completed tasks in the Logbook, create lists for your teammates,...

Visit our web site for a screencast to find out exactly how Things works.

For everything you want to achieve in life, Things is your perfect companion.

"Of course, everyone has specific needs and preferences that will steer them toward a particular to-do-list program or another. But Things’ combination of ease of use, great interface, and flexibility make it as close to the ideal Mac to-do app as we’ve seen." — Macworld

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